6 Epic Sexting Fails

6 Epic Sexting Fails

Sexting isn’t hard. Its actually exceedingly easy. It is simply the act of expressing your deepest, most sexual thoughts and feelings via text message. There really is no way to do it wrong as long as all participants are of age and willing. Some people may be better at it than others, but its all a matter of self-confidence and good fun. There are, however, some epic sexting fails you’ll want to avoid. Most of them relate to technology, safety, and common sense. Simple mistakes are your worst sexting enemy. Checking the basics before you send that sext can save you a world of embarrassment.

Sexting Fails: 1. Sexting Your Mom

One giant sexting fail is sending a sexting message to your mom, sister, or any family member. [ 12 funny text messages to send your mom on mothers day ] It may be the biggest of all sexting fails. The very thought of sending your mom a message about all the things you want to do to her breasts is cringeworthy and enough to fuel your nightmares forever. Sexting your sister or cousin is just as bad. Not to mention it gives her fodder for infinite teasing for years to come. You’ll never live this down and will have to hear about it at every family function to come.

Sexting Fails: 2. Sexting a Wrong Number

Sexting a total stranger is a little less embarrassing than sexting someone you know, but just slightly. One of the biggest sexting fails of all is when you ask a random stranger to send you a picture of their vagina. Or worse yet, send a dick pic off into the universe where it lands on the screen of someone you’ve never met. Sometimes you’ll get a return message. If your lucky the sext recipient won’t be angry and will understand it was an accident. If not, you’ll get an ear full of cuss words.

Sexting Fails: 3. Autocorrect Blunders

Autocorrect can make a mess of the most innocent of text messages and ruin the romance when you’re sexting your sweetie. It will insert words for no reason and change your words to something else with a far different meaning. Autocorrect blunders are often hilarious and not quite as detrimental as other sexting fails. Keep your head up. Just laugh it off and try again. Checking your message before you send it is a good habit.

Sexting Fails: 4. Sexting a Professional Acquaintance

One of the most embarrassing and most expensive sexting fails of all is sexting your boss, coworker, or business partner. In the worst-case scenario, you could lose your job or mess up a business deal. Your sext message could go to a coworker and be considered sexual harassment. Your boss or manager could look at it as bad character. It could be offensive and cause you to lose your income. This type of sexting fail can have lasting repercussions.

Sexting Fail: 5. Sexting Someone Who Isn’t into It

It’s embarrassing as hell to be rejected. It is bad enough when you’re just asking for a date, but even worse when you are sending something hot and sexy and expecting the same. Fortunately, this is one of the sexting fails that is easily avoidable. Never sext someone unless you absolutely know she is into it without a shadow of a doubt.

Sexting Fail: 6. Drinking and Sexting

You can expect sexting fails of epic proportion if you are drinking and sexting. You always end up saying more than you should have. Often you say things you never would have otherwise. Your also more apt to make one of the other spic sexting fails while you are drinking. Just to be on the safe side, do all your sexting when your sober.

Most of these epic sexting fails can be prevented without much effort. Always double and triple check every sext message you send. Make sure you are sending it to the right person and it says what you mean it to say. Don’t send a sext message to anyone who you aren’t sure will be comfortable and excited to get it. In the event that you do commit one of these horrendous sexting fails, don’t despair. It isn’t the end of the world. Take a deep breath and wait it out. It wont last forever.

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