The New Rules of Sexting

The New Rules of Sexting

The miraculously slow pace of invention and technology in previous centuries is a far cry from the lightening-speed at which new technology is unveiled in the 21rst Century. As such, the rules and etiquette accompanying technology changes along with it. When sexting first became a mainstream topic, it was a simpler time. The terms and situations that applied then do not necessarily apply now. It is important to stay hip to all the new rules of sexting, so you don’t risk making a fool of yourself. Thankfully, it isn’t hard to stay abreast of what’s cool and save face.

Rules of Sexting – Don’t Use Your Regular SMS Program

It doesn’t matter if you are cheating or just messing around, there is no good reason to use your personal messaging service anymore. There are many programs specifically for sext messaging with different features available. Security is a bit extra, so you never have to worry about prying eyes. Additional storage is another perk. You’ll be able to save things to the cloud, like nude photos, without having to worry about someone else seeing it.

Rules of Sexting – Save Your Tattoos and Birthmarks

Sexting, technically, is the practice of sending illicit messages to one another. Sending pictures is another story. Generally, at least one or two sexy text messages are sent before pics start flying. One important thing to remember is to keep all your identifying marks private. Birthmarks and tattoos are especially telling. It should go without saying that you want to leave your face out of all nude pics. A good rule of thumb to go by is not to show your face, even if you know the person very good. You never know when they could get pissed and decide to show the world.

Rules of Sexting Keep Is Sober

Do not sext drunk. It is always a mistake. You could say something the wrong way, say something you don’t mean, or say something offensive. In any case, you wont ever be able to take it back and it could affect more than just your relationship with her. Even worse, you could sext the wrong person. Imagine waking up to find you sent your aunt a message about her luscious breast. You can make all kinds of mistakes when you’re sexting drunk. Sexting drunk is so risky, you should try to avoid it at all costs. There might even be an app for that. This is one of the new rules of sexting you don’t want to forget.

Rules of Sexting – Auto-Erase

This one isn’t a new rule, but it is extremely important and oddly overlooked. Everyone who has ever sent a sext message in their life should know that they are to be automatically erased. Never leave a risqué message on your phone after reading it. Anything, especially pictures, should be deleted immediately upon reading. You could be tempted to hang on to one, if it is especially cute. Don’t do it. Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong, or hiding anything from anyone, it can certainly be embarrassing for specific people to see your lurid activities.

Consider the Consequences

This isn’t the 2010’s anymore fellas. Absolutely anything you send out there will be out there for eternity. Life. Forever. Consider this before you send that message. Make sure that you can live with any conceivable consequence that may occur. Pondering all the possible outcomes will allow you time enough to consider what you are doing. Don’t let your libido cost you your livelihood or relationship.

Jog Her Memory

If you know what you are doing and are confident in when and where to sext, knowing how to do it is the next vital factor. Start by jogging her memory to let her know how long you have been entertaining these lustful thoughts. Everyone likes to know someone is thinking of them. Describe what she was wearing, or how she smelled, or what she said, that was the first thing that turned you on. Ask what she is thinking and what crossed her mind at the time. They say the brain is the body’s largest sex organ. Stimulate it.

Rules of Sexting – Be Honest About Your End Game

If you are in it for a booty call, don’t be afraid to say so. There are many women out there looking for the same thing. There is no reason to lie or misrepresent yourself. The same rule goes if you are looking for more. Tell her because she may not be. Avoid any embarrassing and/or hurtful communication malfunctions by being perfectly honest about what you want. You may not know what you want, and that is OK too. Just be honest about whatever your feeling and you’re likelier to have a good experience.

The new rules of sexting are a lot like the old rules of sexting. Adapting to changing technology and the societal changes that go along with it is something we have all began to integrate into our lives. A sense of adventure and a healthy sexual appetite will take you a long way even if you don’t know all the rules.

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