How to Ghost Your Sext Buddy Like A Boss

How to Ghost Your Sext Buddy Like A Boss

Most people consider ghosting to be an immature move. You’re considered a pretty big jerk if you try to pull it off, and if word gets around, you’ll be hard pressed to find a date. It is easier and safer to just end it quick, like pulling off a bandage. Unfortunately, circumstances do not always allow for the simple solutions in life. Every now and again, you will entertain a sex buddy relationship that turns weird. You thought she was thoroughly vetted and knew the rules of the game but suddenly she’s like a whole new person. She’s calling your home phone and showing up at your work. Talking to her hasn’t worked. Now she’s threatening even scarier actions. You are going to have to ghost her. Ghosting is much more than just ignoring a few text messages. Many people think ghosting is a new thing when in fact it has been going on for centuries. It takes commitment. Follow these tips to learn how to ghost like a boss.

Be Confident in Your Decision When You Ghost Your Sext Buddy

There must be absolutely no doubt that you no longer want this person in your life. Ghosting is not something you can come back from. Once you have treated someone with such disrespect, they will no longer want any connection to you. Not even the sincerest of apologies will help. Things will never be the same. Make sure this is an action you are willing to take before you make any other moves.

Start Slow. Don’t Jump the Gun When You Ghost Your Sext Buddy

To someone who has been ghosted, it feels like it happens all of a sudden. In truth, it is a slower process. Abruptly cutting off all communication with someone makes them anxious and worried. She may think something has happened to you or you need help. To successfully ghost someone, you have to work up to it.

The Details Go First When You Ghost Your Sext Buddy

Begin distancing yourself by first omitting details from conversations. Just the facts. Don’t elaborate. Stop asking questions. Don’t do any of the things you’d normally do to spark a conversation. You can still be friendly, flirty even. But each conversation should be less convivial than the last. Keep your answers short and concise without any narrative or opinion. This slow and deliberate distancing also makes it easier for her to accept when contact stops completely.

Take it One Social Media Platform at a Time When You Ghost Your Sext Buddy

Part of ghosting is blocking her on social media. Start with something you don’t use very often so your presence isn’t 100% expected. Stop responding to tags from her. Don’t answer DMs. Eventually, block her and move on to the next social media platform. Whether it is Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, begin the same way. Stop responding to tags and DMs. Don’t comment on direct posts. Put her on a specific list that gets only a few posts and tell her you’ve been too busy for social media lately. Eventually, block her.

Stop Calls and Texts When You Ghost Your Sext Buddy

Answer only about a third of the calls and texts you get from her for about a week. The next week only answer once or twice. After that you should block her number. When you do answer, make the replies short and concise. You don’t have to be rude here either. Just short. Don’t offer any extraneous information and then make a quick goodbye.

Look Out for Mutual Friends When You Ghost Your Sext Buddy

When learning how to ghost your sext buddy, most people forget to factor in mutual friends and coworkers. Once you block her on social media, she will start asking around about you. You will need to let your closest friends know that you are trying to distance yourself from her and not to offer any unneeded information. Ask them not to let your whereabouts or identifying information be known. Most of your friends will understand and the ones who don’t should be kept out of the loop from now on.

No Take-Backsie’s When Its Time To Ghost Your Sext Buddy

That’s it. You did it. Its done. You ghosted your sex buddy into oblivion. She definitely knows you aren’t interested in pursuing any type of relationship with her. She hasn’t tried to contact you in quite a while and you haven’t seen her around anywhere. You have pretty much forgotten about her when – BAM – there she is. It could be in a book store, a bar, or a Bar Mitzva. Now you have a decision to make. Do you no and say hello or do you avert your eyes and continue on your merry way? Your best bet is to stick to your guns and act like you have never seen her before.
Learning how to ghost your sex buddy isn’t that difficult, but it can make you feel bad about yourself. Make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and as kindly as possible.

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