When Is the Right Time to Send A Sext?

When Is the Right Time to Send A Sext?

The last thing anyone wants is to come off as creepy. Sure, sexting is a ton of fun and a fantastic way to build sexual tension, but how do you know when the time is right? There is a lot of thought that goes into the timing of the first sext. A sext sent at the wrong time can be disastrous. You could lose your relationship, endanger your career, or even go to jail. Never is it more important to get your timing right than when sending a sext. You must be absolutely sure she is onboard, or you could be making a big mistake. It isn’t always easy to tell. Even when you think you are sure, there could be additional factors that will affect you. Consider the following elements when you want to know the right time to send a sext.

More than Good Morning

You cannot expect a positive response from a sext message if she didn’t want it in the first place. If she is being polite, if she is laughing at your jokes, or if she responds to your good morning text, it does not mean that she wants to see a picture of your penis or would enjoy reading about what you’d do if you got her alone. She really could just be a nice girl. It is very possible she just likes shooting the bull. Perhaps she has even been a little flirty. A little is not enough to go on, sadly. You cannot send a sext message unless you have no doubt of her cooperation.

Have You Been Drinking?

Drunk dialing is a thing of the past. Oh, how we hated waking up to remember the dreaded phone call to the ex last night that inevitably screwed everything up worse. Now we are drunk texting. We get that buzz on and our fingers get nimble. There is usually a lot of very important things you need to say RIGHT NOW and since alcohol loosens our inhibitions, there is probably a sext about to be sent to someone. Do everything in your power to keep from sexting while you are drunk. There is a slim chance she would be into it, but you’ll probably just ruin things forever. If you are tipsy, it is definitely not the right time to send that sext.

When Is The Right Time to Send A Sext? Remember The Age of Consent

This one is a big deal. So many young women look way, way older than they are. It’s hard to take anyone’s word for it anymore. Fake I.D.s are still a thing too, by the way. It can be near impossible to guess the age of someone you’ve just met. Texting someone under the age of consent can get you in some serious trouble no matter what state you live in. If you cannot verify her age without a doubt, don’t risk it. This is an example of why it can be risky to engage in sexual behaviors with women you have just met.

Trust is an Issue

Weigh your risk. How well do you know this woman? Have you known her long? Do you trust her? Trust her to house sit or trust her to hold your seat at the bar? There is a difference. If you don’t trust her much, why would you send her potentially damaging information? Is there anyone who you would not want to see that message? A wife, girlfriend, mom, or boss, perhaps? Is it worth the risk to send that sext knowing it could potentially be seen by everyone in town? You don’t have to be in a serious relationship to send a sext, but there should be enough trust to know it stays between you two. On the other hand, you may not care who sees your sexy messages. If so, you’re one step ahead of the rest of us.

When Is The Right Time to Send A Sext? When You’re Building up the Moment

Sexting is a great way to build anticipation for the big moment. If you both know it’s going to happen, and the obvious innuendos are flying like Frisbees, sexting is a great idea. In the same fashion, sexting can help revitalize older relationships. It can be easier to say things via SMS than in person for many guys. Having that buffer can be just enough to open the creative doors of communication. Start slow and wait for her to respond positively. Follow her lead and get a bit more graphic as she does. The best sext messages, however, are the ones that are subtle and witty.

It all boils down to intuition. Use common sense and instinct and you can’t go wrong. The ancient attraction between men and women is in our DNA. You can feel a woman’s interest before anyone says a word. The key is knowing when it is OK to take that next playful step without offending her.

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