Can Sexting Make Your Relationship Better?

Can Sexting Make Your Relationship Better?

There was once a time in human civilization when going to the psychiatrist or seeking outside help for relationship issues was a big no-no. No one wanted to anyone to know about it if they did it. It wasn’t talked about in families and often not even between spouses. Once couples therapy became more socially acceptable, things changed. People were actively and publicly looking for ways to improve not only their sex lives but their work and personal lives as well. Suddenly, looking for happiness became OK. As the human race makes more advancement in the sciences, and more discoveries from the past, we also find new and exciting ways to improve relationships with each other both in and out of the bedroom.

Sexting can make your relationship better by eliciting a feeling of closeness

Mature marriages can lose some of their spark after a while. After years with the same person, attention becomes focused on working, paying bills and raising children. Less and less attention goes toward the couple’s sex life. Sexting is an easy way to ignite some interest in lovemaking. Even if it won’t happen for days or weeks. Sexting doesn’t always have to be extremely graphic sex act descriptions. It can be subtle references to the things you find most dear about her. The way she smells or tastes. Her voice or touch. Mentioning whatever it is that is intimate between you in some small but insightful way is sexy as hell.

Sexting can make your relationship better by keeping long distance relationships in touch

Not every couple has the benefit of seeing each other on the daily. Careers and family issues can split couples apart by miles. Phone calls and video chats help but there is something about a good old fashion message to really turn someone one. The art of the printed word is still kicking. There are busy hours of the day, when no one has time for a phone call. Those are the best moments to shoot off a steamy missive to the one you love. Mention how you long for her presence and the smell of her hair. Tell her about the things you miss most and how you dream of spending the hours when you’re reunited.

Sexting can make your relationship better but there are gender differences

Men are visually stimulated. They relate most to things they can see. They like to see nude shots and women, in general, are more hesitant to send them unless they completely trust their partner. They still enjoy texting however. Women are more verbal. More often than not, the women in a relationship will express a need for their man to call them more, talk more. Texting gives the man more control. In general men are not verbal. With SMS they can think before they respond and respond when its most convenient, taking off a lot of pressure in the relationship. Sexting can improve a relationship on both ends, but for different reasons.

Sexting can make your relationship better with the taboo factor

Can Sexting Make Your Relationship Better?Sexting has a bad reputation. Someone is always in the news for doing it or someone’s nudie pictures are being released at the least opportune moment. There are not very many news stories about the good side of sexting. When we hear about sexting its usually because someone is getting in trouble or getting caught in an embarrassing, career wrecking moment. It associated with the seedy side of life. That fact alone is often enough to elicit a certain interest in a lot of people. The act of doing something so forbidden can be a big turn on. Taboo subjects like role playing or public sex can be so enticing to some people they have to try it. Subscribing to such off-limits practices in the privacy of a committed relationship can set long forgotten desires ablaze.

There are a lot of bad points to sexting that everyone likes to point out on the daily. What no one likes to mention is that there are definite good points as well. There are real statistics to back up the helpful facets a sexting relationship can impart on a relationship.

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