Five Sexting Trends

Five Sexting Trends

Sexting, the act of sending someone a sexually explicit message, is here to stay, despite being a relatively new thing. When something technologically fun comes along, many people want to say it is just a fad. The truth is, it can be hard to tell if any particular new fad will make it into the realm of everyday life. It helps to watch related trends to predict the future of social fads. Here are five important sexting trends to keep an eye on.

Sexting Trends #1 – Trends in Savvy Sexters

Internet searches can help you find out anything, including what other people are finding out. People who search for terms like how to sext and what is sexting most often come from these five states

• Tennessee
• Ohio
• New Jersey
• Mississippi
• Missouri

The nationwide trend sets these states as having the least savvy sexters. These folks aren’t sure how to get a hot and steamy conversation rolling. Or it maybe that they don’t know how to keep it going once its started. Another common problem with unsavvy sexters is they are unsure when the light is green. Meaning, they can’t tell if the person they are interested in is open to sexy texting.

Sexting Trends #2 -Trends in Non-sexting States

The least sexting related internet searches are performed in the following five states:

• Rhode Island
• Vermont
• New Hampshire
• Alaska
• Delaware

The people in these states may not be interested in sexting. Maybe they aren’t aware of sexting or they are an entire section of the country populated by celibate people. We can only wonder why they perform so few searches about sexting. Another reason could be they are very good at it and need no help perfecting their game. Either way, sexting rends in these states are considerably down from the rest of the country.

Sexting Trends #3 – Trends in Sexting States

The states that send the most sext messages are really no surprise. When you think of sexting, you think of letting your responsibilities go for a while and enjoying life for just a few moments. In these states, it seems permissible to indulge a little and do something you wouldn’t normally engage in. The states synonymous with the most sexting and enjoying life are:

• California
• Nevada
• Texas
• New York
• Hawaii

Sexting Trends #4 – Trends in Gender Dominating Sexting

Like so much in our culture, men were the first to really grasp the sexting trend in the U.S. The ability to express your deepest, sexiest feelings without having to feel the sting of rejection face to face was a big draw. It wasn’t long before women decided they would join in on the fun. Women have traditionally been seen as the timider sex and sexting became a way for many shy women to come out of their shell. Sexting is not done by a majority of men or women on whole. Instead, it is enjoyed by both sexting in a variety of stations of life.

Sexting Trends #5 -Photo Trends in Sexting

Before the advent of the smartphone, it was considerably harder to send a picture along with your sext message. The first smartphone came out in 1996 and had a touch screen and email access but no camera function. If you were one of the lucky elite who could afford the $1,100 wonder-gadget, you could send each other scintillatingly scandalous email through your phones via the accompanied stylus. Eventually phones got easier to handle with more apps and the camera phone was born. Not only are sext messages sent with pictures, but pictures are a message all by themselves.
Trends in sexting are much like any other social compulsion. They ebb and flow with the interests and commentary of the general public. Each few months brings something new. Technology also effects the trends in how and the way people sext. Sexting occurs in all types of relationships and works to both help and harm them. Much depends on the reason and manner the sexting happens. Sexting, which is just another way for humans to communicate, will always be around in some form or another. The trends that occur will focus on expanding that communication in ways that make it both more fun and clearer to the receiver. Sexting trends will grow as far as consumers allow them.

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