How Men & Women View Sexting Differently

How Men & Women View Sexting Differently

It is no secret men and women see things differently, and how men & women View Sexting falls right in line. Books like Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus, by John Gray, prove that. There are essential psychological variances in men and women that determine how they view the world around them. This means everything. Religion, politics, work, family and even sex, are all viewed differently between men and women. While most people can consider the opposite sexes point of view and come to some sort of understanding, the far majority will still see more logic in their own thoughts and conclusions. Especially when they are shared by the majority of their own sex. Sexting is a fairly new addition to the way humans interact intimately. Culturally, we are still learning its long-term effects on different types of relationships. We know it has both good and bad characteristics and how men and women view sexting differently. But we don’t know how that affects relationships.

Men See Sexting More Visually

There are discrepancies in the way the different genders take in the world visually. Studies show when people look at each other, women predominantly study the face and the left eye in particular. Scientists reveal this is because the right side of the brain is responsible for facial processing. While men could also be left dominated when looking at a person, women spend far more time on the face than men, who tend to consider the entire package more often. This explains to some extent why men are more apt to enjoy nudes and want to send pics of their own penis. Men literally see things differently and are more interested in visual representations of things than the cerebral equivalent. A picture is most definitely worth a thousand words when it comes to men and sexting.

Women Look For Love With Their Sexting

Something many women do not understand is, if we offer to give up the D, we like you. For the most part, it is a stereotype that men are just wandering around trying to stick it in anyone who will let us. We are actually just as picky as women, to the great surprise of many. Men initiate sex to show love. We include her in our activities and show affection. Women, on the other hand, acquiesce. To show love, women will be more accommodating and less assertive. So much less assertive, one study showed the more a woman loves her husband, the less often she will initiate sex. Why this happens is as yet undiscovered. What this means for sexting is some husbands may have a hard time getting their long-term marriage partner to join in on the sexting fun. Not because of an obstinance rooted in unhappiness, but because she doesn’t feel a need for it. Fortunately, there are several studies that have turned up a few benefits of sexting for marriages and committed relationships.

The Nude Debate How Men & Women View Sexting Differently

There has always been a lot of debate over nudes. Since the selfie became a thing, nudes have ben going through the airwaves along with them. Most women are aware, some only subconsciously, that the way to a man’s heart is through his eyes. Which is why they send most of the nudes. Studies show roughly 51% of women surveyed have sent sexts compared to 36% of men. (See The Stats) The rumor that women do not enjoy unsolicited dick pics is proven true. That even goes for their own mates. Women do like dick pics. They just want to know when they are coming and be in the mood to get it. Women also spend more time on their nudes, trying different angles, lighting and even props.

While there are definite genetic differences in general, they are trivial and do not hold up as excuses in relationship issues. So how do Men & Women view Sexting differently? The basic differences in the sexes is that men are prone to be stronger and more aggressive. They are usually more sexually active, too. Sexting is so new however, we can only make the most basic assumptions based on what we know of gender differences. The small ways we differ in the way we view sexting can detract from the experience if you aren’t aware of the subtle ways they effect things. Keep these little differences in mind when sexting and you’ll be her go-to every time.

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