How Not To Get Caught Sexting

How Not To Get Caught Sexting

Sexting is fun. It can be a great stress reducer and serves as a wonderful relief from boredom. Studies have shown it can also improve romantic relationships. While there are distinct and provable benefits to sexting, there are some disadvantages as well. Getting caught sexting can ruin a marriage, destroy relationships, end careers and destroy opportunities. Usually, the best course of action is to keep everything secret from everyone. Do not tell your best friend, priest or psychologist. This secret stays with you. Fortunately, there are things you can do to safeguard yourself from getting caught sexting.
You will get caught cheating if you blab

This may seem like an obvious point but so many people ignore it. Keeping your sexting activity between you and the woman you are sexting is critical. Here are some other important sexting safety tips as well. There is still a chance that someone can find out through her, but if you keep everything on the downlow it cuts chances of getting caught sexting marginally. A big problem for some guys is keeping their best friend in the dark. It’s hard. You want to brag on your achievements to your best pal. Bite your tongue. The fewer people know about your activities, the smaller chance you will get caught sexting.

You won’t get caught sexting if you keep your activity to a minimum

When you first start sexting a woman it is so much fun you think you could do it forever. Such a fun little respite during the workday. Receiving a sexy text can do wonders for your mood, ego and self-esteem. Like all good things, however, sexting must be done in small amounts for short periods of time to be safe. Sexting all day for days on end can lure you into a false sense of security. The longer you get away with it, the more comfortable you feel and before you know it, your letting down your guard and getting caught sexting. It is important to keep sexting message to a minimum and end the relationship soon. You can always start again later with the same woman, but letting the waters cool every once in a while is always a good idea.

Delete all Sext Messages if You Don’t Want to Get Caught Sexting

How Not To Get Caught SextingThis is the number one best rule to follow if you don’t want to get caught sexting. It is also the number one rule most people forget or ignore and get caught sexting. How much easier could it get? Just delete the message thread when you get done. Even better, delete after each message so you don’t forget later. As easy as this is, many people ignore it and even more slip up and forget. Check your phone and see if it is enabled to automatically delete messages after reading them. It’s a handy tool. – Learn How To Enable auto delete on mac OS Here

Use a Decoy or Secret App to Hide Sext Messages

There are a lot of cool apps out there that can help you do just about anything under the sun. Sexting apps are being developed every day. – See the 6 best Sexting Apps – Peruse the app store for apps that act as decoys or those that hide messages. Decoy apps look like something you’d have on your phone that would not interest anyone else. A sports app or news app on the outside, is really a hiding place for your sexy snaps, messages and playtime. Download a private photo vault if you want to keep particular photos in a folder locked with a passcode.

Set Up Your Phone for Safety

It is a good idea to lock your phone down no matter what you’re doing but if you are doing some questionable texting or sending nude photos (or receiving them) you will definitely need to some security on your phone. Start with your messaging app and enable a lock to be able to use it. Lock any apps you might use to sext or get pics. Finally, lock you whole phone down with a passcode or a fingerprint.

Keeping yourself from getting caught sexting is not that hard. The options are there to keep you safe. The majority of the time people get caught is because they get lazy and forgetful. They become accustomed to sexting and let their safeguards down. Boom. Your caught.

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