How Safe Are Your Sext Messages?

Really How Safe Are Your Sext Messages?

Remember when we just sent each other little love notes? We poured out our hearts in a few sentences with a few artful doodles placed strategically around the page. Those little love notes of yesterday are todays sext messages. They both show the affection you’re hoping to impart but one carries considerably higher risk than the other. Smartphones gave us this new and enticing hobby of sending sexually explicit messages via SMS. Since the very start, sexting was ever popular with teens and young adults, but it has since spread like wildfire to every other age demographic. Old and young have dabbled in the sexting arts. (See the stats) The question we are all asking now, is how safe are our sex messages? While we can’t control everything concerning our sext messages, we can control many of the things that can cause future damage.

Face or No Face In Your Sext Messages?

One thing that will always be a big risk in sexting is showing your face. Even if you do not show your face, a nude shot of you could be identified by someone who knows your body really well. One wrong person gets a photo of you in the nude and it could mean disaster for you. Some people blur their face or portions of it with a phot editing app. The trouble with that is there are also apps that reverse it and take out the blur to reveal your identity.

Drunk Sexting – Don’t Do It

Drunk sexting is always a bad idea. Always. Even is nothing drastic happens you have sent the message that you are a bit of a drunk. That may not be an entirely bad thing, but it does make you look a bit less reliable. It is also hard to take a drunk very seriously. More often than not, you say something highly embarrassing or even insulting when you are drunk sexting. You also run the risk of sexting someone you don’t know well or someone you know really well, like your sister. Drunk sexting someone you didn’t mean to is not only embarrassing but exposes your behavior to others.

Get Techy With Your Sext Messages

Sending a nudie shot without your face or identifying marks does not mean you are in the clear. Some people, including desperate, jealous wives, can really get technical when it comes to finding out the truth. It is relatively easy to find out telling details of any cell phone snap. Metadata is included in every picture your phone captures. Location, date, time and camera info is available for anyone to see. Thankfully, there are several apps out there that will remove all identifying information on your pics before you send them.

Learn the Art of the Delete

People forget. It happens. However, when you forget something as important as deleting a sexy selfie from your cell phone it can mean the end of your life as you know it. It takes some practice, but you can teach yourself how to delete every time you send a nude shot. It isn’t hard to do, but it does take some practice in constantly reminding yourself. It definitely pays off to learn this skill, though. Don’t worry. Once you get it, it never leaves you. Just like riding a bike.

There is a Time and Place for Everything. Even Sext Messages

It can be tempting. The coworker you have been messing around with is wearing an incredibly sexy outfit today and she winks as she walks past your desk. Oh, how you’d like to send her a little token of your admiration in the form of a dick pic. It is a bad idea. Never sext at work, at church, at school, or anywhere that you may get caught. Always do your sexting in private where no one can see what you’re doing, and you can be alert to all the risks your taking.

Sexting is a fun way to relieve some stress as well as perk up your relationship. –> 14 fun sexting games – It adds spice and excitement when things have turned stagnate and helps new relationships grow. There are a lot of pluses to sexting, if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, there are also a ton of risks that can really get you in serious trouble. The key, as with most of life’s pleasures, is moderation.

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