How Sexting Can Negatively Affect Your Relationship

How Sexting Can Negatively Affect Your Relationship

Sexting. Everyone is doing it these days, from your kid’s teacher, to your prostate doctor. Every one of us has taken a few moments out of our day and sent that dirty little message to the person we are sexually involved with. Reports abound of how helpful it can be for a relationship. It keeps the fires burning in established relationships and makes the flame hotter than ever in new ones. It works as a form of foreplay and keeps you thinking of each other all throughout the day. It is particularly helpful when the couple does not get to see each other everyday or on a regular basis. It is sex by proxy and it fills the void until you can meet again. But guess what? Sexting can also have a negative affect on your relationship.

Too Much of a Good Thing Sucks

Researchers have found that hyper-sexters, those who sext habitually and frequently, have lower levels of sexual satisfaction and are unhappier with their relationships than those who sext at lower levels. The reason being, those folks are concerned more with the act of sex than any other part of the relationship. Ignoring everything but sex in a marriage or relationship can only lead to its eventual decline and demise.

Technology Interference Takes a Toll

Sexting negatively affects relationships in a strange way that is only now just emerging – by technology interference. In today’s world technology is interfering with relationships like it never has before. Like it was never able to before. Sexting places a phone or computer between you and your mate. Nothing romantic or exciting about that at all. Depending on technology to help spark your relationship, instead of conversing, bonding and interacting personally takes much of the closeness out of it.

Women Experience More Damage from Sexting Than Men

Is it really surprising that women aren’t into sexting as much as men? When you consider the amount of unsolicited dick pics women receive or the degrading language that seems to be commonplace to send to a woman, it is not. This is not to say women do not enjoy or get turned on by sexting. But there is a fine line between hot and insulting that a lot of men do not seem to be able to find. This most often happens with casual sex partners than in committed relationships.

Sexting is Confusing

Sexting is just texting dirty messages to each other. It may or may not include a picture. Since texting has become a major form of communication in this century, we have come to discover there are both good and bad points to it. The biggest issue with plain old texting is that messages can so easily be misunderstood and misconstrued. If regular messages in regular conversation can be so hard to understand, how can we assume a sexually charged message can be taken as it was intended? In texting, there are no tones of voice or facial movements. You can’t infer any meaning from the sender because you can’t see or hear them. You don’t know what they truly mean. Things can get very confusing.

Sexting is Addictive

More than 16 million Americans have sex addictions. As much as 12% are women, but the majority are men. This type of addiction manifests itself in many ways. Pornography, cybersex, prostitution, and sexting are a few of the ways sexual addicts satisfy their urges. Sexting can seem harmless at first, but for those with a sexual addiction it can slowly take over their life. It can be an unhealthy obsession that contributes to the damning disease of sexual addiction. Relationships easily deteriorate when sexting is just a means to an end and not part of a loving, caring relationship. Especially if that is all there is to your sex life.
The bottom line is that sexting has its place in any relationship but when it becomes the whole thing, it is detrimental. It has to be an addition to it or it will negatively affect your relationship. As with anything, too much sexting is no good. It can be harmful and even cause a complete breakdown between two people.

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