What Women Really Think About Getting Dick Pics

What Women Really Think About Getting Dick Pics

There are few things that really sum up the differences in what men and women think is hot like a dick pic. To a man, this is about the sexiest thing he could do for you. He loves his dick. He is quite proud of his dick and he really doesnt mind sharing it with you at all. He figures he just has to snap a good pic and then sit back and wait for the accolades. What men hope for, expect – and what women actually do when they get a dick pic are two very different things. No matter how many times men are told this sad fact, they still send those dick pics.

Dick Pics Are Just a Joke with Some Cringe Factor

Nine out of ten women who get a dick pic unsolicited are going to do two things. First, gross out. Thats right. That dangling member you are so proud of looks a lot like a wrinkled harbor shrew when she opens that message. She will cringe. Close one eye and turn her head from the phone screen just slightly. That is when she will look back quickly, one eye still closed, and cover her mouth. A bit more scrutiny and she begins to snicker and giggle. Soon a full blown laugh escapes and she begins to forward the pic to all her friends.

Men Think They Know, But They Don’t Know

Universities conduct new studies every year, not to mention the highly prestigious research already conducted on men and women’s sexual studies. Magazines galore have studies, polls and surveys telling us exactly what our significant other is into. According to the dating site Match.com, their polls show that while men want to see naked pics of women, women want to see men in pics with a nice car, happy smile and maybe a puppy. We need only to check out our social media feeds to know exactly what women are into these days. It is everywhere we look. Yet in the face of all this information, men still send women unsolicited dick pics.

Science. It’s a Thing

While women do enjoy sexual imagery, most of what they do enjoy is more of a mental stimulation. Many studies show that women search out lesbian porn, even if they are heterosexual. Scientifically, we know that women are more aroused by their own mental and emotional images than by actual photos. We also see a dramatically higher level of brain activity in men than women who are looking at the same erotic images. Because men are so turned on by visual imagery, they think women are too.

Women Do Like Getting Dic Pics. Just Not the Way We Think They Do

Of course women like dick. Straight women like dicks. Obviously. Right? Indeed they do. They just like dicks in the purest form of what they are intended for. They like dicks that can help them reach orgasm during sex. Whatever type of dick that is will be dependent on the woman. Women enjoy dicks as a functioning part of the male anatomy and not as a work of art. They do not enjoy them as they would a painting or a sculpture. Or a dick pick in their messages.

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

When it comes to just tossing out your dick pics whenever a woman turns your fancy, you may get more than you bargained for. Unsolicited genital pictures can be taken as a form of sexual harassment. Anyone on the receiving end of one of the masterpieces can get pretty pissed. Some people can be offended or insulted at such a picture. Some women will take out their anger and frustration in a variety of ways. Some will call the police, others post your pics online. If you send your dick pic to the wrong woman, you could really get yourself in trouble.

You can resolve all this dick pic dilemma by just asking her if she wants a dick pic. There are certain times when she may be interested. Or she may just be humoring you in hopes you will bring your A-game to your next bedroom meet. Either way, asking first can keep your ego and safety in good standing.

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