Every Sexting Emoji and Their Hidden Meaning

Every Sexting Emoji and Their Hidden Meaning

Emojis are the new international language. They connect the whole world with their basic meanings. There is an emoji to say anything you want to say. The biggest problem we face speaking emoji is that there are no directly sexual emojis to use for any situation. There are no penises, vaginas, breasts or porn emojis. The only way to talk sexy in emoji is to use the secret sex emojis and their hidden meanings. While most of these meanings are subject, and change with the tone and who is doing the conversation, you can rest assured with the right mindset, your partner will get your meaning. Here is a look at every sexting emoji and Their Hidden Meaning.

The Egg Plant Sexting Emoji

The most commonly guessed secret sex emoji is the eggplant. It isn’t hard to understand it. It is a illustrated hidden version of an erect penis. Its often seen in connection with fingers in the OK symbol. The hole in obvious reference. It can mean anything at all when it comes to sexting emojis. It can mean the act of sex, or the alluding toward sex. It can even mean past sex or fantasy sex.

The Peach Sexting Emoji

The peach is only one of many emojis used to reference the vagina. The taco is another big one. Absolutely anything can go in its place depending upon who is receiving the text. If you’re sure she will know what you mean, that is all that counts. Finger gestures, other fruits, deserts and kitty cats have all been used with just as much success. If you have a secret word for your lady’s fancy parts, you can use an emoji` for that too.

Finger Signs Sexting Emoji

The finger signs and signals are a wealth of sexting emoji information. They can be used to say anything. Show direction or elevation. Point out a person, situation or idea. Emphasize a point or meaning. The most often used situation is the pointing finger next to the OK symbol, meaning intercourse. Next to the eggplant, these two emojis together may be the most well-known sex emoji of all.

Water Droplets Sex Emoji

Be it a bit crass, water droplets or splashes depict the wetness of sex and all its variations. Sex is a messy activity and a bit of moisture is always present from somewhere. You’ll see them placed next to the emoji of a kissing couple, the finger signs, or even the eggplant. It is a way of adding a little extra sex to the quotient.

The Faces as Sex Emojis

Sex emojis can be anything if the conversation is on the topic. Peoples imaginations can turn a conversation dirty, even if it wasn’t. So, it should come as no surprise how easy it is to make any emoji a sex emoji. A great example of this is all the yellow emoji faces. In the right context, any of them can be a sex emoji. The shocked face, the huge smile, anyone with the tongue hanging out, are all sexual in the right context.

These are only a portion of the sexting emoji’s that are out there. The real sign of a sexting emoji is if it fits into your conversation. If you aren’t talking about a penis or penis activities, the eggplant wont work well and perhaps throw off the whole conversation. You’ll also want to watch your use of the water droplets as they can be seen as taking things up to the next notch of vulgarity. Be sure you know the person your sexting fairly well, so you can appropriately gauge how she will take the texts. She will have to have a good sense of humor similar to yours, so she understands how you think and vice versa.

Sexting has been proven in studies to provide a healthy sense of adventure to relationships and spice things up when things get old. In new relationships, it helps break the ice and gives you an idea of how sexually compatible you may be. In this day and age of advancing technology, everyone sexts at some point. Gathering as much knowledge about sexting emojis and their hidden meanings before you get out there is a good way to keep from embarrassing yourself.

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