How to Protect Your Sext

How to Protect Your Sext

Sexting is a private thing. Even if it is just for fun, with no plan for a relationship, it is something most people prefer to keep between themselves. Try as we might, that isn’t always possible. There is always a chance someone will see your sext by accident or by intent. There are all sorts of reason a sext should not be seen by other people. Here is a list of reasons you may want to protect your sext messages and some tips how to do it.

• If you sext a married person
• If you sext when you are married to someone else
• If you sext your taboo fantasies
• If you sext detrimental or personal information

No matter why you want to keep your sexts private, there are several ways to lock them down so tight it would be easier to rob a Las Vegas casino.

Protect Your Sext By Locking Your Phone

The easiest and most obvious way to keep anyone from seeing your sext messages is to lock your cell phone so no one can get into it but you. Set up a fingerprint ID, or input a pattern. Some phones can even visually identify you. You just look at the phone and it opens up. This isn’t always the answer in every situation. Often, locking your phone looks suspicious or you have to give access to someone else for some period of time.

Passcode Your SMS Messages To Protect Your Sext

Android and iPhones both have apps that will lock down SMS message threads and other apps with passcode. It would be different from the phones codes to add another layer of protection. There are many different apps available that will lock SMS messages, apps, videos and photo galleries. Some will simply not open the app. Others will display a fake crash report, or a sarcastic message to potential snoops. They range in price from free to around $30.

Use a Burner Phone To Protect Your Sext

If you ever watch any ID Channel of true crime shows, you have heard of a burner phone. Murderers and other criminals will purchase a cheap, no-contract cell phone from a place like WalMart (The Best Walmart Burner Phones) They use it during the commission of their crimes and then dispose of it. They throw it in a landfill, off into the ocean, over a cliff, or they destroy it by some means. To keep things uber-safe, get a burner phone for all the activities you engage in you don’t want to get out. This also helps to keep your real phone number private and out of the hands of a pissed-off ex-mistress.

Disguise Your Sext Messages

There are a bunch of apps out there that do not lock your messages down but disguise them as something else. Who would go snooping into an app that says it’s about golf stats? They display a decoy icon that confuses anyone looking for a messaging app. Some even disguise phone calls and video as well. They usually look like sports or hobby apps. Sometimes they look like games. If anyone else clicks the icon, they must provide a password.

Use Sexting Precautions

You may not be able to completely lock your messages down, but you can make getting messages less conspicuous. Go into your phone settings and turn off notifications. Do not allow for any sounds or any type of visual notification. Shut off alerts to SMS and phone calls. You can always turn it back on later, but while your phone is set up this way, you will not see any indication of a message, including previews or alerts.

Learn the Importance of Delete To Protect Your Sext

If you are going to involve yourself in some type of extramarital affair, you must train yourself to delete everything that even remotely connects you to your mistress. All SMS must be deleted. Every phone call and every picture must go. If you can figure a way to keep them hidden, good for you. If not, do not take the chance at getting caught. Delete!

There are several ways to protect your sext messages. The way you choose to do it isn’t as important as being vigilant and staying committed to the task. It only takes one mistake to set all your business out on Front Street. You have half the battle won as long as you train yourself to always protect your sexting messages.

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