How to Sext

How to Sext

Sexting is a thing. It isn’t ever going away. It will morph and change with the technology that surrounds it, but it will never go away. You have to learn how to do it to be successful in this burgeoning form of sexual release. There are a lot of do’s and some don’ts as well and you have to be familiar with all of them to know how to sext. Sexting can turn ugly and ruin your job, relationship, or reputation. Follow these hints, tips and rules to learn how to sext in the best way possible.

How To Sext – Don’t Show Your Face

The first thing you learn when you learn how to sext is not to show your face. No matter how much you trust someone, you never know where your photo can end up years from now. An angry woman is one of the most vengeful things in the world. If she is mad enough and has access to compromising photos of you, your life could go down the tubes fast. Make sure never to send face shots. Send pics via an app like SnapChat that has a timer on how long the pic can stay alive.

How To Sext – Cut Out the Abbreviations

One thing that comes as a surprise when you learn how to sext is how abbreviations can defeat the whole purpose. When you sext, you are trying to get her excited. You want her turned on and sexually aroused by the words you say. You can’t do that with a bunch of abbreviations. It just doesn’t read the same. When you want to get down and dirty, you have to break down and spell it out. Using abbreviations not only takes away from the lust factor, but it also obscures the meaning sometimes.

How To Sext – Keep it Short

When you learn how to sext, the first thing you figure out is to keep it short. Keep the words short. Keep the sentences short and keep the whole message to a minimum. Say what you mean in as few words as possible to have the greatest effect. You don’t want the recipient of your message to have to think to hard to get your drift. It should be obvious. Be direct and clear in your intentions to make the biggest impact.

How To Sext – Use Fun Words

We said above to keep your words short but that doesn’t mean to keep them boring. Use your imagination. You can still be creative and have fun with your word choices. Use puns and quick, witty responses. Stretch your funny bone and put your best foot forward. If you are initiating the sexting, use phrases that can be taken two ways and leave the ball in her court. Sexting is meant to be fun and flirtatious. Don’t take it to seriously and the words will flow faster.

How To Sext – Proofread Every Single Time. Twice

Don’t be another casualty of spellcheck. So many embarrassing mistakes have been sent in the heat of the moment because of spellcheck. It doesn’t matter how hot, sexy, and well-crafted your sext message is if you hit send after spellcheck has changed most of your text into incoherent gibberish or something worse. Make sure that all your words are as you meant them to be before hitting send.

How To Sext – Delete. Delete. Delete

One thing to always keep in mind when you learn how to sext is to delete all your messages —> Watch Video… when you are finished with the thread. No matter what. Delete it all. Never keep any sext messages on your phone after you are finished with the conversation. You don’t want someone else to see them and you don’t want to accidentally send someone else something you meant for them. If, for some reason, you feel you need to keep the messages, there are some apps that hide them in decoy folders or encrypt them.

You can learn how to sext at any age, at any time. It isn’t difficult, but you can make it even easier by sticking to the basic rules we have outlined for you here. Use basic common sense and discretion. Protect yourself and the woman you are sexting and you’ll have a good time without hurting anyone.

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