Is Sexting Cheating?

Is Sexting Cheating?

Sexting, the act of sending explicit sexual messages and photos by cell phone, can be extremely detrimental to a relationship. It does however also has some very distinct advantages. While it does involve sexually charged content, it does not involve any touching or emotional attachment. So, is sexting someone else while in a relationship cheating? That depends on who you ask. Some people are of the mind that any and all interaction with someone other than your partner is wrong. For others, it’s the sexual content that make the difference. – What 100 people consider cheating – There are also people who feel it is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with the relationship and nothing happens in real life. The answer to: is sexting cheating? is not a matter of black and white. There is a lot of grey area to consider.

Always Be Careful What You Sent To Cyberspace

Experts all advise not to put anything on the Internet or into cyberspace that you wouldn’t want your mom to see. Even none-sexual information can be detrimental to careers, education and relationships of every sort. Snapping pictures of your genitals, sending out descriptions of sex acts and even vulgar jokes can have you explaining yourself to a lot of people for a long time if it lands in front of the wrong set of eyes. Chances are, if you’re sexting someone it is all in fun.

A way to alleviate the monotony of a long-term relationship and spice up a life of the same old thing every day. It may never have been intended to go any further but once those seemingly innocent sext messages get out, it sets many lives on edge. Trusts are broken and you are left wondering why you indulged in such things in the first place. Going from sexting to cheating never really seemed like a possibility. So in this case is sexting cheating? Not really…

Is Sexting Cheating? – Always Consider Your Partners Feelings

When considering whether or not is sexting cheating, the only thing that really matters is how your partner feels. If you know that is not going to fly with her, then don’t do it. Or take the proper precautions not to get caught. Some experts feel that sexting while in a relationship is a form of sex addiction. Sex addicts engage in sexting outside the marriage to alleviate some of the need they have for sex outside the marriage. The need is so great that it requires some sort of sexual connection with another person. Even if that connection doesn’t end in actual sex. Sexting when you know your partner would consider it a breach of marital vows could be an indication of a more serious issue.

Celebrities & Politicians Are Not Immune To Sexting Scandals

Is Sexting Cheating?Media reports show instances of celebrities and politicians getting caught up in sexting scandals. Often, the marriages survive. They do not survive because the spouse doesn’t find sexting to be cheating, but because it is an affliction that can be worked through if the desire is present. Congressman Anthony Weiner of the Weinergate scandal is a prime example. He was caught sexting and admitted to sexting others but denied having actual sex. Years later he was caught once again, once again admitted to other sexting instances but denied any real sex. His marriage survived. His career did not. Once sexting is exposed, something or someone always suffers.

In Most Cases Sexting And Cheating Go Hand & Hand

If sexting usually comes to no good in a marriage why do people do it? Studies in 2011 showed that those who engage in sexting or online flirting are almost twice as likely to cheat in real life. This is where the question of sexual addiction comes into play. The need for some type of sexual attention is so strong, some people will risk the safety of a true relationship, and career to experience it. Most psychological experts agree that the true answer to is sexting cheating lies only within the couple’s model of the world.

If they both feel cheating consists only of physical acts, all else is fair game. So in this case, is sexting cheating? Probably not, if even one person in the relationship feels the acts of discussing sexual relations with another person is cheating, then it is taboo for the relationship. The original intent of the sexter makes no difference. Sexting influenced marriages can survive the devastation. The key is open communication and a desire to work it out in the first place.

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