Is Sexting Just For Millennials?

Is Sexting Just For Millennials?

Sexting, like many risqué activities, is usually attributed to the debauchery of youth, but adults are doing it in record numbers and they don’t feel bad about it. Sexting quickly became a thing as soon as Smartphone use became regular in the public. The first recorded use of the term was in an Australian magazine in 2005. There has already been much research done on the activity, considering what a short time it has been a phenomenon. The Pew Research Center used its research to divide the activity into three distinct types:

• #1 – Sexting of images and text between two committed romantic partners
• #2 – Sexting of images and text between two people who share the images with others
• #3 – Sexting of images and text between people not in a romantic relationship but at least one hopes to be

A sext message is often thought to be the exclusive domain of young single Millennials. This is most likely because that is where most media coverage lies. In reality, texting is done by older adults in just as large numbers, perhaps more. This is, in part, because it is far more harmful to younger adults and yet highly attainable. In years past, sexually explicit photos required the use of a private dark room to develop the negatives. Smart phone cameras need only to point and shoot. While the media wants to portray Millennials as the age group most often sending sext messages, the truth is they just us it almost exclusively, where adults also sext, they also use other methods of communication to express their sexuality and sexual desires. Sexting is not just for single Millennials because it helps mature relationships grow stronger.

Sexting Is How Millennials Flirt

Sexting And Millennials?Millennials use sexting as more of a way to flirt than to actually accentuate an existing relationship. It is a form of flirtation and foreplay. Older adults have figured out the many benefits to sexting and long-term relationships. Sexting is especially helpful when the couple lives far apart and cannot be together as often as they’d like. Sexting allows these long-distance couples to grab little snippets of private time no matter where they are. The concept applies to other, geographically closer, relationships as well. As relationships age, some of the luster of new found love begins to fade and the relationship grows stale. Sending a sext message gives the couple a chance to reignite their passions and desires. Sexting builds and develops intimacy as well as spices up romantic life.

Sexting IS Not All Fun & Games

There are some down sides and bad experiences that can come from adult sexting. Infidelity often starts with texting and progresses to sexting before a meeting is arranged and infidelity occurs. Just as sexting can enhance adult marital relationships, it also enhances other adult relationships. Coworkers, friends and new people you meet are all possible affair partners once testing turns to sexting. It loosens the boundaries of sexual communication by being both distant as well as intimate.

Believe it or not, peer pressure is still valid in adulthood. Adults feel the pressure to do things, especially things involving keeping up with new technology, as deeply as any teenager. Sexting is one of those things. When everyone else is doing it, you get curious. For many, once you get used to texting, sexting is the next in the natural progression of things. Another big factor influencing older people to sext is the ease of use of Smartphones. Every year Smartphones get easier to use and have more functionality than the year before. Older people are becoming more adept at electronics and the easier cell phones get to manipulate, the more adults will engage in sexting.

Sexting Makes Expressing Your Sexuality Easy

It is easier than ever to express one’s sexuality in today’s world. Sexting is just one way adults are using the Internet to express themselves that the media as a whole refuses to report. Many have said that cell phones are pocket sized porn factories, making it easier than ever to crank out erotica on the fly. With so much opportunity at our fingertips, the number of practitioners will only continue to rise no matter the age group or demographics. Perhaps, media venues will eventually catch up to what is really happening in the world and show adults as the technologically savvy sexters they are.

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