How to Master the Art of Sexting

How to Master the Art of Sexting

Sexting is practically looked at as a life skill in today’s world. Just as a poetic love letter got the girls attention in your grandparent’s day, today, you have to be ale to get your point across in a few characters. We aren’t just talking about teenagers and young single people here. Oh no. Sexting is used to improve long-term relationships as well. Sexting aint easy, contrary to popular belief. It takes a perfect combination of witty and dirty. The cadence of your messages must be spot-on and you must have a firm grip on the sexy-selfie. There is a lot to learn when it comes to mastering the art of sexting but anyone can master it with a little practice.

Keep Your Privates Private When Masterting The Art Of Sexting

There are a lot of things you don’t want to spread around town about you. It may not be illegal, but a few of your dick pics circulating among your friends and family can be humiliating and maybe devastating. –> Tips for keeping those sexts private. It is a good rule of thumb to just assume every picture you send will be seen by someone else. To keep your business private, make sure not to send any pictures of your face, any tattoos or identifying marks.

Learn the Lingo To Master The Art Of Sexting

Sexting is a different language than anything else. Not even pillow talk has the same cadence and vernacular. To master the art of sexting, you have to master the lingo. There are some small changes in sexting you don’t see in texting or dirty bedroom talk. For instance, you don’t use abbreviations as in texting. Spell everything out and say exactly what you mean. Use your imagination and get creative with your words but make sure it something you’d say in real life.

Know Who Your Talking Too

If the person you are sexting is someone you’d like to sext again, or hope to speak to again in real life, you have to make sure you know her boundaries. Know what she likes and what she finds funny. Use your insight into her likes and dislikes to know what to sext to her that will get her juices flowing. You should know what pisses her off or annoys her too, and be able to avoid those topics too.

Experience and Practice are Key When Mastering The Art Of Sexting

Just as in everything else in life, it takes a certain degree of practice to master the art of sexting. Try things out with your significant other and whoever else you are dating until you get the hang of what works most of the time. You’ll get a feel for the basics and then be able to adapt as you learn more. Learn from the sexting messages she sends you too. Pick up on the little things she says to figure out what turns her on.

Know When its Time to Stop Sexting

It is just as important to know when to stop sexting as it is to know how to do it. Going to far can result in some serious emotional pain if the other person feels abused. It can also be embarrassing or disastrous if you sext when you aren’t supposed to and someone sees it who isn’t supposed to. Know how to read the signs and know when to stop sexting. There is a time for sexting and a time to reel it in. Make sure you know the difference.

Keep Sexting Simple

Sexting is simple if you keep it simple. Do not try to hard. Keep the messages short and the sentiment to the point. If you want to get creative, do it in your choice of words. Use puns and witty comebacks to make her think. Use humor as a finishing touch and your mastery of sexting will be well on its way.

Mastering the art of sexting is an attainable task, no matter how old you are or where you come from. You will make the occasional embarrassing mistake, but who cares. Its all in fun. Once you master this elusive art, however, take it seriously. Your skills will have women eating out of the palm of your hand and you may not be prepared for the consequences. Never send a sext message you wouldn’t do in real life. You never know when you’ll be asked to back it up.

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