Is there really a right way to sext?

Is there really a right way to sext?

Sexting has become a part of our everyday life. People of all ages and ethnicity partake in it. Married, single, divorced – it doesn’t matter. It can be used to spice up a long-time relationship, initiate eroticism in a new relationship and even just have a clandestine, naughty conversation with a complete stranger. Its all up to you. With something so commonplace in the society, people assume there is a definitive right and wrong way to do it. Not so. Much like actual sex, it all depends on your personality and own dislikes and likes. Your sexy strengths and weakness also come into play. What doesn’t come into play is any set of rules written in stone. Instead, there are just a few things to avoid, and some not ever to forget. Commit these to memory and you will always know the right way to sext.

Start Slow Is The Right Way To Sext

Do not just jump right into the hardcore porno stuff when sexting. Starting slow is the right way to sext. This is especially important if you have not known the other person long or if you have only been together intimately once or twice. When you are first learning someone, it is important to take it slow. If you have known her a while, you want to gauge her mood before jumping into the hard stuff.

Foreplay is Still Important When You Want To Sext Right

Just because you are spelling it out in letters and symbols doesn’t mean you should forego the foreplay. —> Read some tips for sexting foreplay here. Foreplay is important to all types of sex, even the cyber variety. It sets the mood and lets her know what is on your mind. You get her thinking about what is in store and she begins to look forward to whatever you may say next. Let her know that you find her sexy and she trips your trigger. Explain all the little things about her that drive you wild and then slowly Segway into what you’d like to do to and with her.

The Right Way To Sext Is Being Evocative and Vivid

Say what you mean in the most alluring, beautiful language you know. Take your time putting your sext messages together if you really want to know how to sext the right way. The most successful sext messages are not raunchy, vulgar phrases thrown together on the spur of the moment. They are actually finely crafted missives that paint a mental picture for the object of your desire. Choose words that double meanings and can easily be misconstrued. Use wit and humor liberally. Be easy going and fun and she will find it easier to enjoy your sext messages no matter how elegant you sound.

Pics or No Pics? That is the Question

If there is ever an argument over the right way to sext, it usually pertains to pics and whether or not to use them. Sending a sexy photo that shows your face clearly to someone you are in a serious long-term relationship with is not a big deal. Sending a sexy photo that shows your face clearly to someone you are sleeping with behind your wife’s back is a big deal. If your mistress gets pissed, or if the wrong eyes see that photo, your life will change forever.

Safety First Is The Right Way To Sext

If there is any one right way to sext, it is safely. Learn how to sext safely by clicking here. Sexting is risky in several different ways and you can never be too careful. From scam artists to heart thieves, there is always someone on the make. You wouldn’t be the first innocent to find yourself getting blackmailed or worse because you let your sext fall into the wrong hands. Remind yourself to delete all messages and attached metadata immediately. Keep your face out of the shots or blur it to oblivion. Make sure you trust the person you’re sexting and keep what you send them relative to your level of trust.

If you want to say there is any one right way to sext, it would be an amalgam of all the points we have stressed here. Learning to employ all these tactics will increase your level of sexting success exponentially. There is no right way to sext. The right way is whatever works for you and your partner.

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