The 5 Most Secure Sexting Apps

The 5 Most Secure Sexting Apps

Sexting is not going anywhere. It is here to stay. Everyone from singles to devoted couples do it. It can start a relationship or make one stronger and spicier. There are a lot of benefits to sexting, unless you shouldn’t be doing it. Being married, or in a committed relationship usually means you can sext your significant other but no one else. If you do, you really do not want anyone lese to know about it. This is where security concerns come in. We all worry about our personal and financial information getting into the wrong hands but what do we do about privacy of our sext messages? There are a lot of sexting apps you can use but do you use the most secure sexting apps available? The all have one thing in common. End to end encryption. Check the list below to find the five most secure sexting apps available for download.[ How Popular Is Sexting? ]

Secure Sexting Apps – ChatSecure

The free sexting app is super secure. For now, it is available for iOS only. It allows off the record messaging and OMEMO, which means messages are really encrypted. It also allows for anonymous messaging. This sex app messenger service is so secure it is used by government officials, businesses, and even hate groups. It has end-to-end encryption. Sexting with ChatSecure makes it impossible for anyone else to hack into your conversation or break the code source ware. —> Download ChatSecure Here

Secure Sexting Apps – Conversations

This Jabber/XMPP client for Android 4.0+ smartphones allows for imbedded pictures and files right in the message. Even if it’s a conference with more than two people. You also get read markers with this secure sexting app. You don’t have to wonder if your message has been read. If you don’t want people to know if you’ve read their message, disable that feature. Full message history is always available, even if you are using more than one device. Messages between Conversations and the XMPP server and the messages between the individual servers is TLS encrypted. Because of this, your communications are safe and most important of all, it’s impossible for an outside aggressor to capture your meta data with the person you are chatting with) without breaking into your server first. —> Download Conversations Here

Secure Sexting Apps – Pryvate

This secure sexting app lets you send encrypted text, files, pictures, and voice calls. They offer a self-destruct feature and notify you if a screenshot is taken. You can locally store you encrypted files, which is a handy feature as well. It works with iOS and Android Smartphones. There is a Pro version as well as an Enterprise version. The Enterprise version is used mostly for business ventures. The Pro version is cheaper at a mere $5.62 per month. —> Download Pryvate Here

Secure Sexting Apps – Signal

The best part of this secure sexting app is its user-friendly interface. It also uses your address book and phone number, so you never have to remember anyone’s number or spend time trying to look it up. Users can make phone calls for free, even internationally, as well as send messages with no SMS fees. You can use Signal for one on one sexting or group fun and its all encrypted. —> Download Signal Here

Secure Sexting Apps – Wickr

Wickr is one of the first secure sexting apps developed. It has free and paid services that are fully encrypted from end to end. Its user interface is easy to use, which gives it an edge above the competition. Each message can be sent with its own expiration date. Full message history is also available making it easy to keep track of your conversation over the span of a few days. It works for Android and iOS, as well as across all devices. They offer a free version and two different paid versions. —> Download Wickr Here
Completely secure sexting apps are not easy to find. The ones we have listed here are the best that are available. However, more are developed each year. The free versions offer everything you need in a sexting app with all the security of a pricier version. If you are sexting, you must keep it private. There is no other way. Getting caught can mean losing your job, relationships, and even your friends. Spend the little extra time it takes to find and install one of the secure sexting apps that fit your needs. It is well worth it.

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