Sexting Etiquette Everyone Should Follow

Sexting Etiquette Everyone Should Know

Just because sexting is risqué doesn’t mean there are no holds barred. In fact, if you don’t follow the rules, you could get in legal trouble at worst. There are certain rules of sexting etiquette everyone must follow.

Sexting has become a part of American culture. People of all ages, income, and education levels have engaged in it. Studies have shown us it can be healthy for a relationship and aids in self-acceptance and serves as an ego-booster. It is considered a type of foreplay and can add quite a bit of spice to your relationship, no matter the level of commitment. People in long term marriages, fresh relationships and sex-buddy situations can all benefit from the advantages of sexting. To be successful, however, and reap the most rewards from this sexy digital delicacy, you must follow the rules of sexting etiquette.

Sexting Etiquette Rule Number 1 – Do not send unsolicited sext messages

Sexting EtiquetteSending unwanted and unsolicited sext messages is a sure-fire way to get cussed out at the very least. Just because a woman gives you her number, does not mean she wants a picture of your junk and a description of what you’d like to do to her. You have to be sure there is a sexual attraction there before you open the flood gates. Just as in real life, you want to flirt with her and make sure the feeling is mutual before you unleash the real deal.

Sexting Etiquette Rule Number #2 -Take it Slow

Once you have determined her to be open to sexting, you want to begin slowly. Do not go full blown porn star on her. You want to ease in to judge her level of interest and style of sexting. She may be into sexting but prefer a flowery, more poetic language. On the other hand, she might really dig the uber-filthy stuff. Begin with a few suggestive comments and let her take the lead. Sexting is, after all, a form of foreplay and foreplay is meant to be slow, deliberate and enticing. It is the first step in the lovemaking process and cannot be rushed.

Sexting Etiquette Rule Number #3 – No Posturing

It doesn’t matter what type of communicating you are doing, talking, sexting, or SMS messages, always say exactly what you mean to achieve any form of success in your endeavor. Do not tell her you are about to do all kinds of things to her that you have no intention to do. Or won’t be able to get the courage to do. It’s easy to use the magic screen of your cell phone to transform you into

Sexting Etiquette Rule Number #4 – Remember to Delete

Even if you are in a serious relationship with the person you are sexting, it is always a good idea to erase your sexting messages. The things you say while sexting is meant for one set of eyes only. No one else should be privy to that information. Not only do you want your own words kept private but also the responses you get from your lady friends. If she finds out you have let her sext messages be seen by another person, you won’t have a sexting partner much longer.

Sexting Etiquette Rule Number #5 – Do not send face shots

This is not the time to show your face. Pictures that go with sexting messages are usually of other, more relevant, body parts. Show your muscles, private parts and any suggestive pose you can think of. Just do not show your face. You can show part of your face if its indistinguishable. The last thing you need is your nude shots making the rounds at work, church or the family reunion. No matter how much you trust the person you are sexting, you never know what might happen to get those pictures circulating. Women aren’t the only ones it happens too and it can be just as devastating for men.

Sexting is daunting but it takes no time at all to get the swing of things. It takes even less time to get addicted to it. Remember to follow these rules at all costs. You’ll soon find yourself sending and receiving some great messages.

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