Sexting Examples Sure to Get Her Wet

Sexting Examples Sure to Get Her Wet

There are a lot of reasons you could be sexting, but the most basic reason of all is just to get her wet. You are sexting to get her excited. You want to stay in her mind and put thoughts of sex and excitement in her mind when she thinks of you. Even if you have never met her in real life, you are sexting her for her that will accomplish this lofty goal. What makes her wet will be based on what type of personality she has. The sexting examples you come up with should show this. Here are some sexting examples to set you on the right track.

Sexting Examples for Shy Women

If your sexting partner is a bit shy, or really shy you’ll want to beat around the bush a bit with your sext messages. You don’t have to be to overt in your intentions. Being too dirty can embarrass a shy person and keep her from responding. Keep it subtle and refer to sexual things in more secretive terms. Use phrases and sexting examples that have an inside meaning between the two of you. Stay reserved but express your desire and you’ll find you have made your shy texting friends quite wet.

Sexting Examples for Bold Women

Bold women are a lot of fun to send sexting examples too. They enjoy going outside the established boundaries and pushing the envelope. Relationships with these types of people are enlightening. You learn new things and your own personal experiences broaden. It changes who you are in some small way. Sexting examples to bold women are wide open. Say whatever comes to mind. Use your instincts to say what you think she wants to hear.

Sexting Examples for Introverts

Introverts are usually very conscientious people. They are highly organized and dependable. They are self-sufficient and tend to watch people as opposed to joining in the crowd. Its hard to tell what turns these girls on because they keep their cards so close to the vest. Sexting examples should start out slow and subtle. Consider her responses and let them gain in momentum at her encouragement.

Sexting Examples for Extroverts

Extroverts gain momentum and energy from social interaction. They love the give and take of social exchange. The banter is a big deal for them in all conversations, so your sexting examples should be much of the same. Use humor and wit to get your point across but don’t be afraid to be daring. Say what you want, and you’ll get it with these gutsy gals. Use descriptive terms and phrases. Describe what you want to do to her and what you’d like to see.

Sexting examples (See more here) to make any woman wet will all have the same basic elements. While there are small nuances to each woman’s sexual attractions, there are some overall basics that will make all women wet. The usual things such as treating her with respect and giving her basic human rights apply here, albeit in a strange sort of way. There are also some things more specific to sexting that you can do. Use any personal knowledge you have of her in your sexting examples. If you know she likes it when you blow in her ear, remind her of that.

Women love to know that you pay attention to them, so showing that you know what she likes is huge turn on to any woman. Remind her of her reaction to any and all little tricks you’ve used on her and let her know exactly how beautiful she looks when she gets wet. Another sexting basic is to follow her lead. You can never go wrong if you just go along with her lead. If she asks for pics send pics. If she asks for more descriptive words, lay it on her. The best way to get her wet is to give her exactly what she wants.

Sexting examples will vary depending on the woman you are sexting. Use your instincts to know what she will like. If you are unsure, use her reaction as a gauge. Getting her wet isn’t rocket science. You can figure it out in no time with a little practice.

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