Sexting Ideas To Spice Things Up

Best Sexting Ideas

A recent poll showed 88% of American adults engage in sexting every once in a while. That is almost everybody, guys. It is harder to find someone who doesn’t or hasn’t sexted in their life than it is to find people who do. It’s a thing. So, with that in mind, we all want to be good at it if we are going to do it but that is easier said than done. No matter what phase of your relationship you’re in, sexting works to spice things up. You want to make sure you are doing it right to reap the maximum benefits. Here are some tried and true sexting ideas that never fail to spice things up.

Sexting Ideas #1 – Use Personal Experience

A great sexting idea to spice things up is to incorporate all your personal experiences into your sexting. It is really easy if you have already had sex with this woman in real life. You know the things she likes and you understand the way she thinks. You know what she will find funny or sexy. This gives you the upper hand. If you haven’t already had sex with her it is a little harder. Use what you do know about her and draw on your personal experience with other women to test the sexting waters.

Sexting Ideas #2 – Keep it Simple

This one is more of a tip than a sexting idea. Keep your sexting messages short and simple. Tests have shown people do not read most long messages but skim them instead. Looking for key words and the general idea. If you want her to read and feel the impact of every word, keep it simple. You may have a lot you want to say, but do it in short, well thought out bursts.

Sexting Ideas #3 – Take Your Time and Don’t be Afraid of Autocorrect

Sexting IdeasSext messages are important. You know she’s going to be reading it in private with a smile on her face, picturing the scene you have put in her head. If you tell her how badly you want to sleep with her, it takes out some of the thrill. Take the time to come up with witty, clever remarks. Not the run of the mill bull she can hear from everyone else. Look over the message before you send it to make sure everything is spelled right and it comes across the right way. It is time well spent.

Sexting Ideas #4 – Start Slow

Jumping right into sexting with a dick pic and a full description of the damage you’ll do to her nether regions is not a good idea. Sexting is a form of foreplay. It is the build up to the big event. Foreplay is meant to last in order to build excitement. Rushing right into something you shouldn’t be saying until the end of the conversation is a shock to her and can easily end up with you getting blocked. Start slow and follow her lead for the best results.

Sexting Ideas #5 – Engaging For The Win

Great Sexting IdeasFor a sexting message to really work as intending it has to illicit some response from her. She has to be interested enough to respond to whatever you have said. Questions are always good. Ask things like what her most recent erotic thought was. She will feel compelled to answer a direct question and also to think along the same lines you are. Ask which celebrities she’s attracted to or what attracts her in a man. These are all great jumping off points for more sexual conversational topics later.

The most important factor in any sexting situation is that both people are of age, consenting to and enjoying the process. Without that consenting participation, it can be considered harassment or cyberstalking. Sexting anyone under the age of 18 is illegal and punishable by jail time, permanent stance as a sexual predator and financial repercussions.

Sexting spices up a long-term marriage, a new romance or a sex buddy situation. They key is knowing how to do it. There are few rules but many tips to perfect your sexting game. It isnt much different than real life flirting. Practice makes perfect and there is no better way to do that than get out there and get started.

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