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Sexting Safety Tips

The number of sexts sent has risen each year. Its most popular among teens and young adults but smartphone owners of all ages have taken part in the phenomenon. It can enhance relationships both old and new, as well as a whole host of other advantages and benefits. Sexting is also a lot of fun. If you are a single guy with no commitments, the sexting world is your oyster. Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls that occur with sexting. The wrong person could see your pics, or read your sexts. You could be bribed, extorted or humiliated. People have lost their jobs, scholarships and marriages for sending sext messages. In order to survive these pitfalls, you need to follow the few but important sexting safety tips we outlined below.

Sexting Safety Rule Number One – Don’t Show Your Face

When you’re sending sext messages and naughty pics, be sure not to include any identifying information like your face. You never know who will see your messages and pics. Even if you totally trust the person you are sending them to, mistakes happen. Anyone can pick up her phone and make your life miserable. It is tempting to show your face but never advisable. The one exception would be if you were married and sexting your wife. This is a sexting safety rule that people often have trouble sticking to.

Sexting Safety Rule Number Two – Never Drink and Sext

Everyone knows not to drink and drive, or drink and text – drink and do anything that you want to turn out right. This includes sexting. Since inhibitions are down when you are drinking, anything could happen. You could sext the wrong person, like your sister. You could send a sext message to a person you should not, like your boss’s hot wife or your best friend’s girl. You could also say things that you normally wouldn’t.

Sexting Safety Rule Number Three – Do Not Sext at Work

There are places to sext and places you don’t sext. Work is one of those places. Truthfully, you shouldn’t even be texting at work. Men have one track minds. We are very focused on the task at hand and never more so than when at work. Taking the focus off work to pay attention to something like sex makes both your work and the sext message suck. Not to mention you run a higher risk of getting caught and losing your job.

Sexting Safety Rule Number Four – Trust is Everything

The most important thing to consider when sexting is if you trust that person. You will be sharing some pretty private conversation, no matter how jovial and casual it may be. You may also be sending some pictures of your private parts, or at least pictures you want to keep private. Do you trust this person to keep your messages between the two of you? Do you feel safe that she will not try to blackmail you, get you fired, divorced, or publicly embarrassed? These are serious questions and something you must be sure of before things get to far. You cannot consider sexting safety without mentioning the trust issue. It is integral.

Sexting Safety Rule Number Five – Use a Secure Device

Using a secure device is crucial for anything you do online. It’s no surprise it is just as crucial to sexting safety. You do not want to sext with a device that is on a network connected to any other device. Likewise, do not use messenger, Hangouts, iMessages or anything you also have installed on another device elsewhere. For instance, if you have Facebook messenger installed on your phone and your tablet and your using it to sext, someone can pick up your tablet at home and read your messages. No bueno. It is best to send your sext messages through one service installed on one device.

Sexting Safety Everyone Should FollowSexting safety is important to sexters of ages. Anyone’s messages can fall into the wrong hands. Following these simple sexting rules can keep you from experiencing any of the down side of sexting. They are simple and easy to follow, but people get comfortable in their relationships and forget, or let things slide, letting their guard down. That is most often when issues arise.

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