Sexting Vocabulary Everyone Should Know

Sexting Vocabulary Everyone Should Know

There are a lot of benefits to being an expert sexter. If you know what you are doing in that realm, the women seem to fall at your feet. They do not seem to mind sexting you in the middle of the day. Just for fun. No expectations. No commitment. You make it fun and they want to play. The only real way to get this good is to familiarize yourself with all the sexting vocabulary and lingo so you can always get your message across clearly and still seem hip. This isn’t an easy task, however. Pop culture and rules of sexting change quickly. You have to keep up with trends to stay in the know.

Always Remain Consent

One thing that is more important than anything else when it comes to sexting is consent. You absolutely must be sure that the person you are sexting is interested in receiving such messages from you. (Learn when its time to sext here) You must also make sure she is of the legal age to receive them. If you have the slightest inkling that she may be younger than she claims to be, abort ship.

Sexting Vocabulary – Emoji Love

Emojis are not just for fun and games. They may have started out that way, but people have incorporated them into general conversation. See what every Emoji means HERE. They are fast and easy to use. It is like we are reverting to the days of hieroglyphics. Talking with pictures feels simple and natural. The subject doesn’t matter. There are some emojis that lend themselves to sexual content very well. The well-known eggplant emoji has long stood for an erect penis. Some of the hand signals used together are pretty dirty. Using the lips, kissing, and fruit emojis like cherries and peaches are all considered sexual.

Sexting Vocabulary – Abbreviations and Acronyms

Most everything in the SMS world is abbreviated. BRB = Be Right Back. You know the drill. The same thing is going on in the sexting universe, only some things have a double meaning. The number eight (8) for instance. It can signify eating at a taco when used with the taco emoji. That same message can mean oral sex with a woman in a sexual conversation. Some of the more often used abbreviations in sexting are:

• Q2C = Quick to Cum
• RU/18 = Are you 18?
• NIFOC = Nude in Front of Computer
• RUH? = Are Your Horny?
• RU Up = Are you Awake?

Know your abbreviations so you don’t make an A-hole out of yourself, or worse yet, embarrass both of you.

Sexting Vocabulary Is Not Just What But How

It isn’t just what you say but how you say it when you are sexting. The key is to be suggestive not overtly sexual. You want to be subtle and sexy, especially at first. When you become familiar with each other, you can really send out the dirty words. The first few times, however, is the perfect time to beat around the bush. Use a lot of double entendre. Use words that could be innocent but could also be naughty. Make her use her imagination. She should really have to guess if you are flirting the first time you begin to sext.

Sexting Vocabulary From All Around The World

You may be lucky enough to find yourself a sexting partner that is from another country. Even if you speak the same language, this can pose a few problems. Customs, traditions, and the general way of life varies greatly in small details from country to country. Talking about even the simplest of things can get confusing. Can you imagine how confusing trying to sext can get? Some words do not mean the same thing, even among native English speakers. Make sure you are both on the same page before you get into any heavy sexting. Otherwise you could be saying something you don’t even mean.

Sexting vocabulary and lingo can seem daunting if you are a novice. It doesn’t take long, however, to become an old pro. Lead with year heart but be smart. Do not rush things. Let them progress naturally, as with any other type of relationship and conversation. You will soon develop a full sexting vocabulary to use at your leisure. Best of all, you will be good at it.

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