Should You Ever Sext an EX?

Should You Ever Sext an EX?

We all get lonely sometimes. Everyone gets nostalgic for the good times. We are, after all, just human. It could be days, weeks, months, or years since the breakup, and maybe you haven’t thought of her in forever. Suddenly, one night after a few beers with the bros you see her number while scrolling through your phone. Perhaps she pops up on Facebook or Twitter. However, it happened, she’s on your mind now and you have a burning desire to sext her up. But should you? Believe it or not, sext an EX isn’t always a bad idea. Here are a few ways to help determine if you should send that sext message. [ Reasons Why EXs Stay Friends ]

Why Sext An Ex?

The first thing you have to do is determine the real reason you want to sext your ex. You absolutely must be honest with yourself. Do you want to get back together? Maybe you just want to have a little fun and think she would go for it. Whatever the reason, you have to know what you are after and firmly stick to it. Not doing so can lead to trouble and drama for both of you. Not knowing the real reason you are sexting an ex is dangerous.

Is Alcohol Involved When you Sext an Ex?

When sexting an ex under any circumstance, drinking alcohol is a big no-no. With just a little alcohol in your system you can say things you never meant to. This can go two ways. You could tell you love her, miss, her, can’t live life without her when all you really want is a good time. You could also get mean and say rude, unpleasant things you don’t mean. Either way, you’ve made an ass out of yourself and probably not for the first time or you wouldn’t be broken up. [ People Share Their Shameful Drunk Dailing Stories ]

Are You Feeling Weak? Dont Sext An EX

Feeling depressed, down, or lonely is not a good time to be sexting an ex. You aren’t yourself and just need a bit of affirmation. Wait until you feel better and see if you still want to sext her. You may change your mind. Sexting an ex when you feel this way can get you in trouble. When you are more yourself you may not feel the same way but now you’ve started something she may not want to end. Don’t make any decisions about sexting an ex until you feel strong and confident.

Does She Have a New Man? Then You Better Not Sext An EX

If your ex is in a new relationship, you should give sexting her a second thought. After all, you broke up for a reason. Why jeopardize her happiness in something that works? If you ever really cared for her at all, you will let her try to make a go of this new relationship. Sexting an ex with a new boyfriend can also get your butt kicked for you. Not only that, but she probably doesn’t want to hear from you anyway. You will end up looking like a fool and being the brunt of their personal jokes.

Is She Still into You?

If you have been getting friendly messages from her, or maybe she was the one to send you a sext message, the of course it is time for sexting an ex. If she misses you or is just up for some fun and games, there isn’t any reason you shouldn’t sext her right back. Unless of course, you aren’t interested in her anymore. You will have to decide if you want to take another shot at the relationship or not before you ever send her the first sext message. Whether she sext you first or not.
Know when to sext an ex and when not to is important. Sending a sext message to an ex at the wrong time can be disastrous in several ways and really screw your life up for a while. Following these rules can help you make the right decision. Remember:
• Don’t sext while drunk or drinking
• Don’t sext while weak or depressed
• Don’t sext if she is in a new relationship
• Make sure you know the real reason you want to sext her
• Be confident in her reaction
• Determine how you want to proceed if she sexts you first

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