How To Handle Unwanted Sext Messages

How To Handle Unwanted Sext Messages

While there is no such thing as to many nudie shots, there can be a time when you get sexting messages you do not want to receive. Fortunately, there are several good ways to deal with unwanted sext messages. When you hear a guy complain about getting unwanted sext messages, you may want to ask if you hear him correctly. How could that be? Who has too many nude pics in their phone? Is that even a thing?

Yes. It is and it can be hell. Imagine you have a coworker, maybe the bosses daughter, and she really likes you. She starts to send you unwanted sext messages. What do you do? What CAN you do? You don’t want to hurt her feelings or piss her off but you are not interested, for more than one reason. While getting tit shots from as many women as possible is a real goal of many men, there are some instances where its best to just pass. Here is what to do with unwanted sext messages.

Troll as a Response to Unwanted Sext Messages

Let out the troll! Everyone hates Internet trolls. Those people who post ignorant statements for the sole purpose of baiting someone else into an argument. The people who do this are bored with their mundane lives and are trying to spice up the long, dull hours of their existence. Many are mentally impaired with some type of personality disorder. While these types of people are repugnant, we can mimic their behavior to our benefit in this incidence. When you get an unwanted sext message simply send back a silly GIF or pic they don’t expect. For instance, if she asks if your touching yourself, send back a pic f your hand on your knee. If she asks if your horny, send a picture of a toad. Crack immature jokes and do a lot of playing on words. Eventually she will tire of your foolish games and stop trying.

Play Dumb When You Get Unwanted Sext Messages

If you are getting unwanted sext messages and she is playing coy, you can act dumb. Some women send vaguely sexual, witty, sext messages that don’t come right out and say what she wants but you get the drift. Maybe it’s a cleverly worded text or maybe some cutesy emojis such as the eggplant, water spray, and the pointing finger next to the OK hand signal. When you’re getting messages like this, it is easy to pretend you don’t know what is being said. Just send her back some LOL’s and a questions mark. You could also make a guess that’s totally off base, such as, You like eggplant too? I love it with a splash of olive oil and salt. Sooner or later, she will find you too dumb to play with and move on to her next target.

Unwanted Sext Messages Can Make You Mad

Usually, there just are no unwanted sext messages. Even if the girl isn’t your cup of tea, boobs are boobs. However, once in a blue moon circumstances can arise where you just don’t want messages like that from a particular person. Most often, you want to stay calm, not upset anyone. If that just doesn’t work, you may have to get pissed. Express your moral outrage that she would assume you were of such low moral character that you would engage in such behavior. You have more respect for yourself than that! How dare she.

You Can Block Unwanted Sex Messages

Unwanted Sext MessagesIf worse comes to worse, you can always block unwanted sext messages. Read How to block a caller on the Iphone. There are often women who just won’t take no for an answer. No matter what you say or how you put it, they do not stop. If you find yourself in this type of situation, the best thing to do is just block the number from sending you any type of message or calling. You can always claim that you don’t know why you aren’t receiving her messages. Deny any knowledge of a number block on your phone and plead the fifth.

Receiving unwanted sext messages can be annoying at least and dangerous at worst. Use one of the above methods to stop things before they get to far and someone gets hurt.

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