Why People Who Sext Are Better In Bed

Why People Who Sext Are Better In Bed

According to a recent study, more than 60% of people who send daily sext messages feel satisfied and happy with their lives. Of those who send sext messages less often, over 40% reported happier sex lives, and for those who indulged in dirty messages even less often, at least 30% reported happier sex lives. What all this means is that you don’t have to be in bed to be a hot ticket. You can turn her on from wherever you are. Even better, you can turn her on wherever she is. Sexting works like foreplay, which has a big role in making her enjoy sex more. Which, let’s face it, plays a big role in making you enjoy se more. Too many adults feel that sexting is just for kids, or worse, think it is for weirdos and sex addicts like Anthony Weiner. In truth, sexting goes a long way to make you better in bed, or at least she’ll feel like you are.

People Who Sext Are Better in Bed Because They Use Their Brains

It is a well-known fact that our brains our biggest sex organ. By sexting with our partner, we are essentially sharing our most intimate portion of our boy with someone we love. After all, without an attraction to her, there would be no sex. You would feel nothing, and neither would she. Our brains tell us when we are attracted and how we want to deal with it. It is our minds and our imaginations that depict all those sexy, erotic details we put into action later.

People Who Sext are Better in Bed Because They Know Each Other Better

According to a recent survey, most women will not exchange racy sext messages until they feel comfortable with you. Men tend to send close-up dick pics or full nudes. Women, on the other hand, focus on a part of their body they feel most confident with such as a breast or butt shot. But not until they feel at ease with you. Sixty percent of women surveyed reported sexting their long-term partners while only 30% admitted to sexting casual sexual partners. Sexting can make you better in bed because she is feeling so close to you. She wants to have great sex with you.

People Who Sext are Better in Bed Because They Are in Tune With Each Other

Sexting makes you better in bed because you spend time talking about it. No-brainer. Anything you spend time discussing every day, even if it’s only once or twice a day, becomes clearer to you. She tells you what she wants you to do to her and she wants to do to you. Her fantasies become apparent and you get a strong idea of what appeals to her beneath the sheets. It isn’t just the sexting that makes you better in bed but thinking about the sexting. What she says to you, and what you say to her stays on your mind long after those sext messages are sent.

People Who Sext are Better in Bed Because Sexting Loosens Your Inhibitions and Makes You Less Judgmental

What’s that old saying? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones? It is hard to be judgmental of someone when you are doing the same thing. It is also easier to loosen up when you aren’t the only one playing the game. Knowing you share such an erotic secret with someone you love is thrilling. It fills you with such a passion, you can’t wait to get at each other. Once you are finally together and can do all the naughty things you have been telling each other, its ever hotter.

Sexting can help improve your love life in several ways. It all depends on how trustworthy you are and how comfortable you make her feel. Like most things involving the opposite sex, it requires finesse and careful thought to craft sext messages that illicit the emotion you hope for. Above all, it requires a measure of truth and an openness to your own passion and emotion. This is often harder for men than it is for women but if you are up to the task, you’ll find yourself a better lover than even you knew.

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