Do Women Like Getting Sext Messages?

Do Women Like Getting Sext Messages?

From celebrities to government officials, sexting seems to be part of everyone’s life. All facets of society take part in it. The only requirement is a device to send them. It can be beneficial to long-term relationships and a fun way to end the day but there is one question no one has asked effectively. Do women like guys who sext? While one would think women would not take part in anything they don’t like, the answer is not that simple. There are a lot of factors in a woman’s thought process on guys who sext.

Women like guys who sext, if they like them

This should go without saying, but if a woman is interested in you sexually, a little sexting is charming and exciting. It’s fun to get attention from a man you find handsome and sexually appealing. In fact, it may just make her day. There is a catch, though. She has to be interested in the first place. So many men just plunge ahead, believing if she gave him her phone number she must be open to sexting. Not the case. Just because she gave you her number, doesn’t mean she’s agreed to receive dick pics and sexually explicit messages. Jumping the gun can ruin it all, if she was attracted to you in the first place.

Women like guys who sext if its funnier than it is sexy

Women and men get different things out of sexting and so they do it for different reasons. Women like the sexual attention but its more about the fun factor. Making a joke out of sext talk and keeping things on the lighter side is what women enjoy about men who sext. Emojis, innuendo, witty wordplay and the like make women go wild. As far as dick pics, most women do not appreciate them in any context. Some may feel a bit randy and ask for one on the occasion but that is really the only time you should send one.

Women like men who sext that let them take the lead

Sexting is not the same for women as it is for men. Men do not mind if some random woman ends them a sext message. Women, on the other hand, want to know the guy and have some sort of knowledge that the message is coming. They want to expect it. They want to stay feeling comfortable in the exchange and the best way to do that is to let them take the lead. Follow her cues on how dirty to get and if pics should be included. If the woman your sexting isn’t feeling it, you won’t be either. Make sure she is enjoying herself above everything else.

Consider the dick pic as a guy who sexts

To truly understand the mind of a woman when it comes to men who sext them, you must carefully consider the concept of the dick pic. Men are visually stimulated. They enjoy seeing things that make them happy, turn them on or give them a good feeling. It’s how they work. It’s in their genetic makeup to be this way. Women are not. They are more mentally stimulated. Getting a picture of a random body part, even if it is a sex organ, is not very stimulating and can be downright upsetting for a woman. To them, your simply sending a close up of an organ associated with waste.

What all this boils down to is that women do like men who sext. They just want it to be in specific situations. She must be aware that you are prone to send her such a message. Said message should be sans dick pic and begin in a slow, easy way. The entire sexting conversation must be light hearted, funny and almost satirical with no real-life implications surrounding it. If you can accomplish all or most of these prerequisites, you will have the best luck in finding a woman who likes guys who text. Just managing to conquer a few of these list items will help you in your sexting endeavors. The major thing to remember is to keep her feeling good about the situation. Women like men who sext – their way.

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