Sexting Dos And Don’ts

Sexting Dos And Don’ts

Sexting is here to stay. You might as well learn to do it right.Ever since Neil Papworth sent that first SMS message in 1992, sexting was inevitable. There was no way to stop it. While every topic of conversation imaginable has been discussed in a text message, sex talk has been given its own label; sexting. Take this as a sign that it is a viable and persistent part of humanity that isn’t going anywhere. With this in mind, everyone should know the sexting dos And don’ts.

Sexting Dos And Don’ts #1 – Sexting Must be Consensual

Sexting is something you both have to agree to. It must be an equal decision. If one of you isn’t that into it, it won’t be any fun and will end soon. Under no circumstances should you ever be sexting someone who wasn’t expecting it. She has to know it’s coming and be open to it from you, in particular. You must be sure of her interest. Absolutely sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Sexing is serious business and sending an unsolicited or unwanted sext messages can land you in big time legal trouble.

Sexting Dos And Don’ts #2 -Sexting with Minors is Illegal

Not only can sexting someone without their consent get you in trouble, so can sexting a minor. Depending on the state you live in, you can get immense fines, jail time and probation for sexting a minor with charges ranging from child pornography to sexual exploitation of a minor. See Anthony Weiner.… Make sure the lady in question is of age even if you have to card her. Anything from agreeing to meet for sexual content, to explicit messages will be considered a crime if the recipient is under age.

Sexting Dos And Don’ts #3 – Know the Laws of Sexting

Most sexting laws in the United States pertain to pictures of minor children. Sexting a minor is illegal and you can be charged with child pornography, sexual exploitation of a minor and a number of other things depending on the situation and language of the messages. Those aren’t the only laws, however. You can’t use the sext message you receive for any type of bribe or extortion, to cause emotional distress or embarrassment, to sell or cyberbully. Check your state website for specific laws pertaining to sexting in that state.

Sexting Dos And Don’ts #4 – No Sexting and Drinking

One thing you never want to do is sext under the influence. Just like drunk texting, you are liable to say or show something you wouldn’t have normally. Something you may, and probably will, deeply regret when you sober up. Always be sober when you engage in sexting. Not only do you want to refrain from making an as out of yourself, but you also want to remember the experience and enjoy it. Something you can’t do blotto. You are also more aware of who you are sexting and what you can and cannot say. Possibly saving yourself embarrassment and trouble.

Sexting Dos And Don’ts #5 – Don’t Forget to Delete

Sexting Dos And Don’tsDelete should be your favorite word. You should be so used to deleting your sexting messages that you delete everything all the time out of sheer habit. That is how important it is. Sexting is a private thing. Even if you are having fun and proud of yourself, you don’t want to spread the word to save your sexting buddy’s feelings. Keeping your messages between you two is essential. Not only that but you don’t want everyone in your life to know your personal sex language or how you throw your game down. There is also the issue of getting caught sexting someone you shouldn’t be. If you are married or in a relationship – delete. If you are sexting someone else’s wife or girlfriend – delete. Learn to delete like your life depends on it.

Sexting is fun and simple. It can help spice up a relationship by keeping the dirty things you’ll do to each other later in mind all day. It can put a smile on your face after a long day and cheer you up when you’re feeling down. Sexting also has a way of building up your ego and skyrocketing your self-esteem. While all these good points are real and valid, there are a few down sides to sexting too. Keeping these golden rules of sexting in mind can help keep the experience as pleasurable as it was meant to be.

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